SCA22DWCN - Adjustable Straight Continuity Bracket - 2.00" Cable Rack to 1.50" Cable Rack
2.00" Cable Rack to 1.50" Cable Rack - Continuity
ItemCSF P/N#DescriptionQTY
1SCA1BAdj. Straight Bracket - 1.50" C/R1
2SCA1BCNAdj. Straight Continuity Bracket - 1.50" C/R1
3SCA2BAdj. Straight Bracket - 2.00" C/R1
4SCA2BCNAdj. Straight Continuity Bracket - 2.00" C/R1
AC Hardware - Adjustable Clamp Kit Hardware
ItemCSF P/N#DescriptionQTY
5HH10043/8-16 Hex Head Cap Screw x .88" Length2
6LW1563/8" Spring Lock Washer2
7HN1463/8-16 Hex Nut2
8CB06041/4-20 x .88" Length - Carriage Bolt8
9LW1541/4" Spring Lock Washer8
10HN1441/4-20 Hex Nut8
11SS030310-32 x 3/16" Socket Set Screw2


  •  Installation Technician should check connections with an OHM Meter to verify continuity. Apply No-Ox to set screw and point of attachment to prevent oxidation of connections.
  •  Cable Rack - Not Included
  •  Finish: zinc yellow

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