PS5312xx - Adjustable Pipe Stand
PS5312xx - Adjustable Pipe Stand
ItemCSF P/N#DescriptionQTY
1FC313Framing Clip [AFB21xx Series Application]2
2HH12075/8-11 Heax Head x 2.50" Length1
3FC316Framing Clip [AFC22xx Series Application]2
4SS0600Socket Set Screw - 1/4-20 x 1/4" Length2
5HN1485/8-11UNC-2B - Hex Nut [Not Shown]2
DIA37K02 - Drop In Anchor Kit [3/8" Hardware]
ItemCSF P/N#DescriptionQTY
1aHH10073/8-16 Hex Head x 1.50" Length4
2aLW1563/8" Spring Lock Washer4
3aFW1663/8" Flat Washer [1.00" O.D.]4
4aFW166F3/8" Flat Washer [1.50" O.D.]4
5aDIA373/8-16 Drop In Anchor4


  •  Aux. Framing Bar - Not Included
  •  Ref: AFB21xx Series
  •  Aux. Framing Channel - Not Included
  •  Ref: AFC22xx Series
  •  PS5312xx - can be cut to desired height.
  •  Standard Schedule 40 Pipe
  •  PS5312xx includes mounting hardware for both Aux. Bar and Aux. Channel and drop in anchor kit [DIA37K02].
  •  Finish: Dark Gray or Zinc Yellow

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