FTA3502 - Fasten Angle to Aux. Framing Channel w/ 2.00" Spacer
FTA3502 - Fasten Angle to A/F Channel w/ 2.00" Spacer
ItemCSF P/N#DescriptionQTY
1A1601Channel Spacer Bracket1
1VB255"V" Bolt1
2FC315Framing Clip4
3LW1571/2" Spring Lock Washer2
4HN1471/2-13 Hex Nut2


  •  All hardware zinc yellow.
  •  CSF P/N# A1601 is DG
  •  RG Series - Not Included
  •  Aux. Framing Channel - Not Included
  •  Ref: AFC22xx Series

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