FSXXDGK01 - Framing Suppport Angle Kit01
FSXXDGK01 - Framing Suppport Angle Kit01
CSF#[ A ][ B ]Description
FS06DGK016.00"3.25"Framing Support Kit with 6.00" Angle DG
FS12DGK0112.00"9.25"Framing Support Kit with 12.00" Angle DG
FS18DGK0118.00"15.25"Framing Support Kit with 18.00" Angle DG
FSXXDGK01 - Hardware KIt [ B.O.M ]
1FC316Framing Clip2
2HH12105/8-11 HHCS x 3.25" LG. - ZY1
3LWE1585/8" External Tooth Lock Washer - ZY1
4HN1485/8-11 Hex Nut - ZY1
5HH10113/8-16 HHCS x 2.50" LG. - ZY2
6FW1663/8" Flat Washer - ZY2
7DIA373/8-16 x 1.60" LG. - Drop In Anchor2


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